Osteopathic treatment has, inter alia, a good effect on:

• Back and neck pain

• Ischiatic pain

• Headache/migraine

• Shoulder problems/frozen shoulder

• Mouse arm/tennis elbow

• Symphysis pubis dysfunction/pain

• Hip, knee and foot problems

• Whiplash syndrome

• Sports injuries

• Problems through pregnancy

• Jaw problems

Osteopathy is a unique philosophy and manual approach to treatment. The natural balance of the human body will be reestablished and thereby the correct function will be optimized. In this way a state of pain and the reason for it will be healed.

An osteopath considers the body as one single unit composed by different parts of the body affecting each other through tensions in the body. In this way symptoms in one part of the body can often be caused by problems somewhere else in the body. The purpose of osteopathic treatment is to discover this correlation and normally the treatment will have a good immediate effect. However, once treated, the body will find its balance, eventually, all depending of the severity of the problem at hand.

An osteopathic treatment is a manual treatment so the osteopath is only using his hands. All kinds of pain and problems caused by tightness, blocks, pressure or the like can be treated osteopathically. Also more chronic or structural problems such as arthrosis or a torn disc can be relieved.